Winter Teatox

During winter our body needs nutrients and vitamins to stay fit and healthy. Nevertheless, the skin needs more tender loving care in the winter months. But what foods and creams are especially good to use in the cold along with your SlimTea Club Teatox?

Today, all kinds of foods are always available to us and we can choose between, strawberries and asparagus even in winter. But do you really need all of these?

It’s well known that fruits and vegetable, can’t ripen as long as regional, seasonal products. Therefore the regional strawberries from the markets do not only taste amazing, they are a lot healthier.

The more you are looking forward to asparagus and strawberries in spring and when it comes to winter for example

  • apple pie with cinnamon.
  • kale and a soothing.
  • homemade chicken soup with ginger and warm evening cleanse tea.

Mmmm, I’m getting more and more hungry as I’m writing.

Taking care of your Body in the Winter

With the wet and cold air outside and the dry heating inside our skin needs more intensive care.


  • In the winter, use creams with higher ‘fat’ contents. Products with a water-basis should not be used. For evening facial care, use a night oil, which nourishes the deeper skin layers, repairs the protective shield and helps soothe sensitive skin.
  • Don’t shower with water that is too hot and only use mild soaps, sensitive skin soaps are a great option.
  • Body lotions that include shea butter, Argan oil and Almond oil maintain and protect the skin from the cold.
  • Do not use body care products that contain paraffins. These form a water-impermeable film on the skin that keep all the awesome care elements in the top layer of the skin.