We love hearing from our customers and how the 28 Day Tea-Tox programme has helped them fulfil their health and beauty goals.

Steph recently got in touch to share her experience…….

“At last I’ve found the perfect detox product to support my fitness and healthy eating regime. Slim Tea Club’s Tea Tox programme has helped with my irritable tummy, bloating and my overall digestion is more settled. I’m so relieved that I’ve not suffered with dizziness or headaches which I sadly experienced with other brands. It’s the first Tea Tox to taste great too, much nicer flavours than others I’ve tried. So far I’ve experimented by adding a little zing of lemon, lime and orange just to satisfy my versatile palate. See the results I’ve achieved!”

Tea-Tox Review
Tea-Tox Review

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Slim Tea Club Tea-Tox Results


Had More energy


Felt Less Bloated


Would recommend a friend


Lost Weight within 7 days

Customer Testimonial

We love hearing from our customers and how the 28 Day Tea-Tox programme has helped them fulfil...

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