Hibiscus which is mainly used for your body, can also improve your emotional well-being. Research has discovered that the flavonoid agents in hibiscus blossoms may ease unhappiness and improve your mood.

Green Tea

Green tea doesn’t just keep you alert, it can make you more astute in your thinking. The key ingredient being caffeine, which is a known stimulant.

It doesn’t contain as much as coffee, yet enough to deliver a positive reaction without causing the jumpiness related with a lot of caffeine. What caffeine does in the cerebrum is hinder an inhibitory synapse called Adenosine activating key hormones such as dopamine and norepinephrine.


Lemongrass is a medicinal herb native to Africa and India. It is versatile in its nature as it can be used not just in tea, you can also make oil from it. It is an essential base for most Asian soups and stews. The tart lemon flavour mixed with a kick of pepper is also favored in Asian cuisine quite a bit.

Lemongrass tea is very effective in calming the nerves. Lemongrass tea is a natural source of magnesium. People who have difficulty sleeping often use a magnesium oil spray or magnesium supplements to help them sleep. Combined with other nutrients and minerals, drinking a cup of lemongrass tea an hour or so before going to bed every night can help you eliminate symptoms associated with insomnia and help you sleep like a baby.