An all-around healthy lifestyle is fundamental for individual adequacy, true serenity and living great. Regardless of whether we work, go to class or are retired, we all have lives to get on with but we also need to think about our health as one of our duties.

Take care of and nurture yourself.

Taking care of number one is essential. Keeping healthy in both physical and mental form is the number 1 rule of keeping a balanced lifestyle. You cannot make bright and prosperous decisions if your mind is filled with negativity and worry. Forward thinking produces positive outcomes in reality. Successful decisions won’t be successful if you’re not in the right mindset and beating yourself up over something that doesn’t matter. Exercise is great for relieving stress as it takes your mind off the harder things in life and gives you something to focus your mind on.

Know what your priorities are.

Prioritising events or appointments you have can really be a helpful life hack and brain soother. Complete your most important endeavours at a time when you’re functioning at your best. Usually this is around midday to 3pm. If you go into an important meeting first thing in the morning or later in the evening then you are going to be tired and too flustered to operate and think properly. Tasks that are not too taxing should be reserved for these times slots.

Work load is another generator for stress and bother. Identifying the right work load and schedule for you is mightily important. Once you start to overburden yourself with work you will start to feel stress and pressure. Again, balance is the key word here, balancing work life with home life activities is key. Yes, working hard is important but overworking can be detrimental to your mental state. Overworking can lead to hating your work and visualising it as an obstacle rather than a challenge. This will lead to your work being under par which isn’t good for anyone involved. Planning activities outside of work relives work stresses and refreshes the mind with a new perspective to head into the office with on Monday morning.

Create an efficient mind-set.

Planning for the future and being organised can be a great way to lift the weight off your mind. Knowing whats happening next rather than nervously waiting for what may happen eases the stress your mind takes through day to day life.

Having a schedule in the form of a planner, calendar or a diary can really help set out the next action you are going take. Also, because you know what you’re going to do next you will probably find that you have more spare time on your hands because you don’t waste as much time spontaneously thinking of a plan.