People are always wondering how celebrities keep their shape with such a busy lifestyle. From Gwyneth Paltrow to Beyoncé, we’ll be detailing what the hot Hollywood dieting trends are and how you can get involved with them.


Gwyneth Paltrow let loose that her dietary routine consisted of detoxing a few times a year for 21 days per session.  The 21-day cleanse was innovated by a famous Hollywood doctor and dietitian, who goes by the name Alejandro Junger. The cleanse requires you to eat in liquid meals only throughout each 21-day period.


Jessica Biel attributes a Paleodiet to her weight loss and slimming routine. She embraces the diet because, it “takes the layer of fat and water weight off your body”. A Paleo diet gets rid of any dairy, legumes and all grains and tries to imitate the diet that a caveman would eat. Biel also heavily invests herself in to home cooking. She regularly talks about her cooking skills especially her favouritism for fresh fish and chicken.


Many celebrities are hopping on a very current trend known as the 22 days vegan diet. This trend was thrust into the limelight by Jay Z and Beyonce. The pair shared their vegan venture on social media and it was a major talking point in the vegan community. The diet is the easiest to remember and is exactly what it says it is. A vegan diet for 22 days.


This diet uses ancient grains such as quinoa, millet, chia seeds and spelt. These grains are combined with regular snacks to keep energy high. Angelina Jolie a big advocate of the diet plan insists that ancient grains give her nutrients that she wouldn’t be able to consume anywhere else.