A healthy and sustainable exercise routine.

We make no secret of how to make the most out of our slimming programme and the dedication needed to give you the body you want. Don’t worry if you have no idea where to start we’re going to detail a perfect exercise routine for a beginner and how it will work alongside our 28 day teatox programme.



Here is a nice and simple fat burning tip for you start off with at home.

The trick is that while running it is better to pace yourself and not do everything all at once. Progression is key, start off with a comfortable distance and then increase your running time as your stamina builds.

Take your time and grow your kilometres with your stamina. Make sure that you also give your body the right cooldown and recovery period before enduring another session.

Remember, training is like watering a plant, doing too much or too little will leave the plant out of perfect condition.



Tracking your progress is another great tip to succeeding in fitness and slimming. Foremost, because it allows you to see how far you have come along on your journey which massively boosts motivation. Motivation throughout the duration of our teatox program and your fitness routine is vital. Quick fixes are not the answer so keeping your determination and motivation high is vital to achieving your body goals.



Hopefully you will now understand why we stress that our teatox program needs the company of healthy dieting and regular workouts. Our tea contains ingredients such as green tea, lemon grass and nettle which are known for cleansing and increasing metabolism! If you work hard at every aspect of your healthy lifestyle change you can achieve a better looking figure that is sustainable.

We’ve given you the key the rest is up to you. 

Good luck