When we developed our tea, we made sure to not only create the best detox tea, but also the TASTIEST Teatox on the market!


What is Teatox?

Teatox = Tea + Detox! It is an easy 2 step natural tea detox program. Consume a Morning boost every morning and evening cleanse every evening.

A Teatox is NOT a diet or a meal replacement; you still have to eat your regular meals!

Does SlimTea Club Teatox really work?

Each of the natural ingredients in a SlimTea Club Teatox is specially sourced and selected for its unique properties. These ingredients are then combined and formulated using an effect known as ‘food synergy’. So, not only do the different ingredients complement each other, they also are more potent together than they would be individually and work in harmony together to help you kickstart the best month ever!

Because we wanted to create the most effective Teatox program out there for our SlimTea Club members, we’ve worked tirelessly to create two very special blends of tea that work in a unique two-step program. We’re super confident that these complementary brews will give you the best Teatox experience there is and help you Make that Healthy Lifestyle Happen!

Whats in the SlimTea Club Teatox?

Morning Boost (28 servings)

Green Tea – Appetite Suppressant, energizing, fat burning and immunity boosting.

Cardamom – used for digestion problems including heartburn, intestinal spasms, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)

Ginger – Useful in improving digestion and increasing absorption of food, and prevents bloating after eating too much.

Liquorice – A mild laxative, liquorice tea can also relieve constipation.

Black Tea – Has Antioxidant Properties, may Help Reduce Blood Pressure and may Lower Blood Sugar Levels.

Peppermint – Relaxes the body and mind, cures bad breath, aids in weight loss and boosts the immune system.

Lemongrass – Boosts Metabolism and Burns Fat, Good for Digestion and Full of antioxidants,

Sage – Promotes weight loss and improves hair health.

Rose Petals – Helps Skin Stay Young and Healthy.



Evening Cleanse (28 servings)


Hibiscus – Aids Digestion, Antidepressant Properties and Aids Weight Loss.

Desiccated Coconut – help to improve your brain health, strengthens and promotes cardiovascular health of our body and rich in essential vitamins.

Chamomile – Helps with sleep and relaxation

Aniseed – helps treat digestive ailments such as bloating, gas, indigestion and constipation.

Fenugreek – Can Reduce cholesterol levels, lower inflammation and help with appetite control

Dandelion Leaves – Promotes weight loss, Natural diuretic that flushes excess water from the body and reduces acid indigestion.

Lime Leaves – soothes anxiety, alleviates headaches, and helps insomniacs to recover sleep (especially in case of stress).

Orange Blossom – Tones Up the Skin, Soothes and Relaxes Nerves and can Settles Upset Tummies.

Is my SlimTea Club Teatox Natural?

Absolutely.. All of our ingredients are 100% natural

What is inside my SlimTea Club Package?

28 Day Ultimate Teatox = 28 Morning Boost tea bags + 28 Evening Cleanse teabags.

Morning Boost = 28 Morning Boost teabags.

Evening Cleanse = 28 Evening Cleanse teabags.

Which programme should I go for - 28 Day Teatox Programme?

We recommend our club members do the 28 Day Teatox program to reap the full potential of our Teatox! The ingredients in our Teatox program are formulated to be the most effective over a course of 28 days and we want to help you do everything you can to discover a healthier you!

Can I buy just the Morning Boost instead of the complete program?

Sure you can 🙂 We recommend The Morning Boost as a healthier alternative to coffee after you’ve completed your Teatox.

If you’re an experienced Teatoxer, you can try drinking the Evening Cleanse every night (but remember to take a 6-week break between doing Evening Cleanse programs). 

How do I drink the teas?

One Morning Boost tea bag is to be used every morning, although anytime up until 5pm is fine (as the Morning Boost contains caffeine we don’t recommend you drink it after 5pm). You can re-brew the same Morning Boost tea bag up to four times or till bland.

One Evening Cleanse tea bag is to be used every  night, starting from day one of your program. 

What do the teas taste like?

TEA-RIFFIC! We formulated our tea,ensuring that not only did we create the best tea for results, but also the tastiest! 

Bursting with flavour, the Morning Boost tea tastes fresh, with a citrus burst. We combined ginger , lemongrass and peppermint with the freshness of green tea

The Evening Cleanse tea tastes fresh and fruity, with notes of chamomile, hibiscus and orange leaves.

How often do I detox?

It depends entirely on your body’s needs and how you feel. Some customers Teatox a few times a year while others Teatox in preparation for a special occasion! 

You can however, drink the Morning Boost separately and take it all the time. This helps you to stay energised throughout the day and keep the sensational feelings and energising effect from Teatoxing going strong!

What are the precautions to take when starting our Teatox?

Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should avoid drinking the teas as our tea blends might be too strong. 

Do also check the ingredients for both the Morning Boost and Evening  Cleanse just to ensure that you are not allergic to any of the ingredients.

Remember to eat regularly and do not skip your meals!

I have a pre-existing medical condition, can I still Teatox?
If you have any pre-existing medical conditions, we strongly advise you to consult your GP before undertaking our Teatox program.
Are there any side effects?

SlimTea Clubs Tea is made from completely natural ingredients, however, everybody is different and therefore can react differently to these ingredients.

The ingredients are unlikely to bring about typical allergic responses, however, do check the ingredients for both the Morning Boost and Evening Cleanse if you have any allergies.

You should definitely not experience diarrhoea, vomiting, dizziness or severe cramping. In the unlikely case this happens, immediately stop consuming the tea and consult your GP

You know your body best. If your body isn’t sensitive to the tea, you can increase its strength by infusing the tea bags longer; if you’re feeling overwhelmed by the tea, you can have a milder cup of tea by reducing the infusion time. The best time to drink the Evening Cleanse is just before you go to bed.

Can men drink SlimTea too?
Sure, everyone can benefit from a Teatox! While certain ingredients in our tea like ginger root may benefit females more (especially during menstruation, as it warms your tummy and relaxes your muscles), all our ingredients benefit both men and women!
Can I take the Teatox when I'm on contraceptive pills?
Tea may affect the accuracy of the pill. We are sorry but we cannot comment on other forms of contraception and would ask you to consult your doctor, nurse or pharmacist with the list of our ingredients on our product pages: SlimteaClub/
Will I see results from taking the teatox?
Yes, definitely! One for sure; we promote a healthy lifestyle! SlimTea Club teatox is the best addition to any health regime, designed to maximise the effect of your health program. The tea alone contains ingredients such as green tea, lemon grass and nettle leaves which are known for cleansing and increasing metabolism! They should be used in conjunction with a reduced-calorie diet and regular exercise program for optimum results if you really want to Discover a Healthier You!
Will I regain my weight if I stop taking SlimTea Club's Teatox?
That should not happen! SlimTea Club’s Teatox contains all natural herbs that will help you to kickstart a healthy lifestyle! With regular exercise and a balanced diet, you should be able to maintain your weight and stay healthy! 😉
Can I drink SlimTea Club's teatox on an empty stomach?
Yes but it’s best to drink during breakfast for Morning Boost and after food for Evening Cleanse!
Dose SlimTea Club's teatox have an expiry date?
The expiry date can be found at the back of the package. Once the package is opened, it should be consumed within 3 months.
Can I drink SlimTea Club's teatox during pre-dawn meals before I fast for the whole day?
Oh no, please don’t! Please do not consume SlimTea Club’s Teatox if you are fasting for the whole day.
I've been constipating ever since I consume the teatox. Did I do anything wrong?
Sorry, constipation is not a normal occurrence with our tea. Please check if you changed your diet in other ways. e.g. high fruit and vegetable consumption – while healthy – might cause temporary constipation. Please stop drinking our tea for a week and see if symptoms subside. You might then take up your teatox again. If the symptom persists, please stop drinking SlimTea Club’s teatox and see your doctor for professional advice.
Can I drink it cold?
Yes, you can drink it hot or cold! Make the tea with hot water and let it cool down before adding some ice for a more refreshing taste!
How do I make the tea?
Enjoy Morning Boost, anytime before 5pm. Brew for 4-5 mins in a 250-300ml of hot water. We recommend drinking the Evening Cleanse 30 mins before bedtime. Brew it for 2-3 mins in a 250-300ml of hot water on alternate nights. For a stronger effect, you may soak it a few mins longer.