Back in December the Economist predicted that 2019 was going to be the year of the vegan. Well they couldn’t have been more right. Veganism has really kicked off in 2019 and has seen food chains like Greggs reap the rewards of the worlds trendiest food movement. Greggs vegan sausage rolls saw the company reach sales of over £1 billion and struggling to keep up with the demand for their newest vegan snack.

Over 300,000 people were predicted to take part in the charity campaign veganuary, which provides support for people who are trying veganism throughout the month of January.

So why has veganism become so popular? The head of the veganuary campaign Rich Hardy attributed “visibility” as the reason for veganism’s rise to fame. He remarked that the word vegan is a word we here and see everywhere throughout pop culture. He also believed that veganism’s rise would not be a trend or a fad as he said it’s journey to mainstream popularity was credible and has been building for years. “it’s here to stay” he concluded.

Here are some buzz food’s to start your trip down vegan avenue

Sea Weed

The cornerstone of any Japanese diet is seaweed. If more and more people took up a seaweed based diet it could solve the issue of damaged lands thanks to crop growth. Seaweed isn’t as linear as you think either, there are a lot of different variants and flavours to divulge in.

Wheat Gluten

This magic food is also referred to as wheat meat. Wheat gluten provides a high protein intake than most other meat substitutes such as tofu. Here’s a fun fact for you, wheat gluten is very popular with monks thanks to their strict vegetarian diets. However, the trick to making wheat gluten taste great is to bind it with other foods. This way it can absorb flavours from elsewhere making sure that your meal doesn’t leave a bland taste in your mouth.

We have been invested in veganism and its foundations since as long as we can remember. Slim Tea is 100% vegan friendly and is blended together using nothing but natural ingredients.

With ingredients such as green tea, cardamom, ginger, peppermint and lemongrass we can assure you there are no artificial elements to our tea either. Vegan foods have been proven to help with slimming so when formulating our tea, making sure it was natural and vegan friendly was at the top of our priorities.